Pyrrha is one of our most popular and coveted jewelry collections at POD.  We’re always updating our selection.  Pyrrha is hand-crafted in Vancouver, BC using reclaimed and recycled sterling silver, bronze and 14k gold.  These talismans are cast from actual 18th and 19th century wax seals – with stories to tell.  Each piece comes with a little card explaining the significance of the seal and what it represents, making each piece special to the person it adorns.

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FOXY is another POD favourite. Foxy jewelry is made in Toronto, Ontario from lead-free cast pewter, silver plating and vibrant coloured enamels.  The Foxy gals, Suzy & Jen, met while studying at Western University.  After graduating, they turned Foxy Originals into a full-time endeavour, capturing the attention of media and customers everywhere.  Foxy jewelry is best known for their affordable reversible pendants and filigree earrings.  Stop by anytime to view our selection!

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Jewelry is a girl’s best friend – it’s true!  Customers often remind us what an incredible assortment of special and unique pieces we carry at POD.  So, whether you are gift shopping, finding something to commemorate a special occasion, selecting pieces for a wedding party, or simply feeling like you need a little jewelry perk, come in and be inspired by our ever-expanding selection!

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